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Zukes are grain free training treats. Any flavor is ok 

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50-70lbs Crate


Crate Training your puppy is very important.  When you're unable to pay 100% to your puppy place in the crate for the puppies protection.  Have puppy sleep in crate as well as be in crate while you are away during the day or night. If traveling puppy should always in the in crate for safety. The Gunner Crate will Save your dogs life! 

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Puppy Food


We are currently feeding Pro Plan Sport Chicken & Rice 


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Kong Puzzle Interactive Toys are Best


Kong Interactive Puzzle toys are best to keep your new pup engaged and active vs destructive. This is a great toy for quiet crate time play. Fill with skinless apples or peanut butter or cut up carrots or strawberries. 

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Dog Beds


Every new pup needs to know their place in the home and where you expect them to be while in the house.  it's called "PLACE"



How to leash train your puppy. Let them drag the leash around while they play. 

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By using stainless there is less change of bacteria to transfer to your puppies chin, causing infection. by using this style they are less likely to pick up and carry away. They bowl will stay put in the feeding location. 


Something good to break teeth on

Something good to break teeth on. 

More Good Toys


Rope Toys are a great way for puppy to play along or with you. Don't pl;ay to rough but allow the pup to chew on the rope. It feesl good on the teeth.